Northeast Oregon Joint Information Center COVID-19 COVID-19 Response. Letter from Union County Commissioners.

COVID-19 Response. Letter from Union County Commissioners.

Dear Union County Citizens:
As your elected public officials, we would like to assure all citizens of Union County that we are working together to navigate the COVID-19 challenges affecting communities across the nation. We are appreciative of established relationships between the County and City governments; in these trying times we are relying heavily upon each other. We are in contact with mayors, city councils, and state and federal representatives. We trust in their professionalism and dedication to serving the people of Union County.

There are numerous plans in place to address the current crisis. These include contingency plans, strategic plans, tactical plans, operational plans, single use plans, state plans, regional plans and many ongoing planning efforts. The formation of the local multi-agency Incident Management Team (IMT) and Joint Information Center (JIC) are also a result of this planning.

Information on COVID-19 is available far and wide. These uncertain times can be scary, making it easy to believe all of the information provided through the various news and social media outlets. The NE Oregon Joint Information Center continues to be a trusted source of daily information for the region. Information is generated from partner agencies such as the Center for Human Development, Grande Ronde Hospital, Oregon Health Authority, local law enforcement, school districts, and city administrators among others.

We ask that you continue to be kind to one another. Throughout this pandemic, please remember that you may not know how the day-to-day stresses are affecting others. It is important to be supportive of one another and continue to check in on others while strongly adhering to the social distancing guidelines. We are in this together, and together we will continue to do our best for the citizens of Union County.


Paul Anderes, Chair
Donna Beverage, Commissioner
R. Matthew Scarfo, Commissioner