April 9, 2020

Union County announced a fourth confirmed case of COVID-19 this afternoon. The new case was community acquired, meaning that the individual does not have a direct epidemiological link to a known confirmed case and was acquired from an unknown source and location in the community. Oregon Health Authority and Center for Human Development are working to identify and isolate those who may have been in close contact with this individual in the last 14 days. If you are identified as someone that was a contact and may be at risk for COVID-19 you will be contacted.

Wallowa County remains at a total of two confirmed cases, although the first case is a resident but not currently located within Wallowa County. Statewide confirmed cases have increased to 1,321 confirmed cases, up from 1,239 yesterday.

Governor Brown announced today that Oregon distributed the first rapid testing COVID-19 instruments to three rural Oregon hospitals. The three hospitals were located in Curry, Lake, and Morrow Counties. These hospitals will begin validation testing this week, but will not be immediately available to the public. The test equipment is capable of returning COVID-19 positive or negative test results within minutes. The initial testing instruments sent to the state by the US Department of Health and Human Services included only a minimal amount of test kits. Until additional test kits can be provided, the rapid test kits will not be distributed to the priority areas identified throughout the state. Once additional test kits are obtained, it is unknown if Union or Wallowa Counties will be scheduled to receive the kits and testing instruments.

As a reminder, all Oregon State Parks remain closed. No daytime visitors or overnight campers are permitted. Union County overnight campgrounds and restrooms are closed. If you are planning to utilize the day use areas, remember to practice physical distancing maintaining a minimum distance of six feet.