April 2, 2020

No new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Union County today. The total confirmed cases in Union County stands at three. The total number of cases for Oregon announced this morning was 826, up from 736 yesterday. Nationwide, 8,991 individuals have recovered from COVID-19.

Oregon Health Authority and the Center for Human Development are working to identify and isolate those who may have been in close contact with the two newly identified cases within the last 14 days. Union County confirmed the two new cases were not associated with the case at Barreto Manufacturing. The Center for Human Development is not releasing additional information about this patient other than it was not associated with the two new cases announced yesterday. If you are identified as someone that was a contact and may be at risk for COVID-19 you will be notified. Your risk of contracting the virus can also be reduced by observing the stay home, stay safe guidance, limiting contact with people outside of your household and maintaining six feet of distance from others when you leave your home for essential needs.

The La Grande City Council met Wednesday night and voted to declare an emergency in the City of La Grande due to COVID-19. By declaring an emergency, this will enable the City to utilize certain emergency budgeting and contracting authorities if needed. Additionally, the Council voted to implement an emergency loan program for businesses within city limits. The loan program, which utilizes $300,000 of the City’s General Fund Contingency, will provide loans of up to $10,000 for local businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 virus. The City of La Grande Emergency Loans can be used in conjunction with Federal or State emergency programs. Requirements for the loan can be found on the city’s website: cityoflagrande.org.

The La Grande School District began its new distance learning yesterday. The website for parents and students is: https://sites.google.com/lagrandesd.org/distancelearning.

If you have symptoms that are mild enough you would not typically seek medical treatment, stay home, rest, isolate yourself, and monitor your symptoms. If you have flu-like symptoms or have reason to think you might have COVID-19 and plan to visit your primary care provider, call them before you visit in person. If your symptoms are severe enough you need to visit the Emergency Room, please call ahead. Respect social distancing guidelines and try to limit going out to essential needs only.