March 26, 2020

 Union County continues to have only one confirmed COVID-19 case which was announced last week by Union County Public Health. Wallowa County does not have any confirmed cases of COVID-19. Oregon Health Authority (OHA) website,, reported the total number of confirmed cases in the state has increased from 266 yesterday to 316 today. Over the past week, Oregon has expanded the COVID-19 testing capacity by including commercial testing through private laboratories. As these laboratories work through the back-log of tests, it is anticipated the Oregon confirmed numbers will continue to show significant increases. For frequently asked questions about testing, go to OHA’s FAQs about coronavirus and search testing.

If you have symptoms that are mild enough you would not typically seek medical treatment, stay home, rest, and monitor your symptoms. If you have flu-like symptoms or have reason to think you might have COVID-19 and plan to visit your primary care provider, call them before you visit in person. This will help avoid exposing anyone else at the provider facility. Your provider may decide to have you first tested for other illnesses, like the flu, based on your possible exposure history and any other symptoms you might have. If your symptoms are severe enough that you need to visit the Emergency Room (such as severe shortness of breath) call the ER ahead of time or if you request an ambulance, let the ambulance dispatcher know about your symptoms. Keeping our healthcare providers and emergency responders healthy will be critical to our success as a community.

In support of disaster relief efforts throughout the county, the Oregon National Guard supplies scheduled for delivery today has been delayed to tomorrow. These critical supplies are an important part of the county planning efforts to prepare for the potential hospital surge of patients if needed. The delivery will include cots, blankets, pillows, bedding supplies, and comfort kits.