March 23, 2020

Today, Governor Kate Brown enacted Executive Order 20-12, Stay Home, Save Lives: Ordering Oregonians to stay at home, closing specified retail businesses, requiring social distancing measures for other public and private facilities, and imposing requirements for outdoor areas and licensed childcare facilities. The order can be read in entirety by following this link:…/…/2020/03/Oregon_20-12.pdf. Officials will be developing plans and procedures for addressing the many items contained in the order.

Union County has established and activated an Incident Management Team (IMT) to help with the county’s COVID-19 response. By utilizing established partnerships from within the county, the IMT structure has been staffed and developed to further assist the citizens of Union County.

The Wallowa County Board of Commissioners declared a state of emergency this morning within Wallowa County as a local response to the coronavirus enabling the county to stand ready to take further action if needed.

Many agencies, businesses, and organizations throughout Union and Wallowa County are available by phone and appointment only. If you have any questions about the open status of an agency, business, or office, please call and check with them before attempting to meet in person.

Union County continues to have only one confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) case which was announced last week by Union County Public Health. Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Union County Public Health continue to work on identifying and isolating any individuals who may have been in close contact with the person while they were contagious. The individual with COVID-19 had a recent history of international travel and is not considered to have acquired it from community spread. Health officials are urging citizens to band together to protect and support family, friends, and neighbors who may be at higher risk of becoming ill while maintaining social distancing. Wallowa County does not have any confirmed cases of COVID-19.